Grady Philip Drugg- S/T

Early last year, Grady Drugg holed himself away in his Missouri home for fourteen days with a four-track machine. The result was his self titled record, twelve nostalgic and psychedelic pop songs, sure to make you want to dance.
Some of the songs are lush with bright organs and jangling guitars. Others are composed solely of a gently plucked acoustic guitar paired with Grady's Elliott Smith-esque harmonies. One thing that each song has in common is the hooks: this record is absolutely filled with them.
The deluxe edition of this record is a blue glitter tape and a booklet that includes original lyric sheets, notes about the songs, and pictures from the recording process.

/10 blue glitter tapes w/ zine
/25 white tapes

FFO: Elliott Smith, the Beach Boys, Elvis Depressedly