Horrible Girl and The Hot Mess- "Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?"

Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess's raw and honest take on punk rock is refreshing as it is nostalgic. Their debut LP "Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?" delivers us thirteen songs, each packed with overdriven guitars, 8bit synths, gang vocals, and just plain catchy and fun songs. Vocalist Amelia Hall's mewling voice is a trademark feature of the band, and truly earns them their self-described label of "kittencore". They're touring June 2019, and if they're coming to your town you had better see them, because their live shows pack a punch.
This is a preorder item and will be shipped on or around the release date of May 25th.

FFO: Chumped, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock

/25 translucent green tapes
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