Thunder Gloss - Halos // The Red Tapes

Last year, Brooklyn experimental rock band Thunder Gloss (FKA Monster Bad) released their debut LP "Halos". Across its 39 minutes, Halos explores magical thinking, communism, and the nature of evil in a cryptofascist age, all through compelling and innovative indie rock. The songs range in style from the anthemic opener "The World's Greatest Planet On Earth", to the labyrinthine epics "Sol Bloom" and "Tulpa Gape" (which both reach well over six minutes), or the hypnotic aggression of tracks like "Providence II (Southpaw Style)" and "Light's Zero Point".

This year, Deep Sea Records is re-releasing the LP along with a new EP entitled "Rearrangements", a collection of glacial and haunting synthpop reinterpretations by SECRET CRUSH HERO WORSHIP (aka Sara Kossin, Thunder Gloss keyboardist).

We're releasing the "Halos - Rearrangements" EP and the original LP as a double-cassette on two translucent red tapes, packaged in a VHS-style case with artwork designed by vocalist/songwriter Katherine Graci. Only 25 of these Red Tapes exist.