The Weak Days - "The Fabric Of Our Lives" Poster + Postcard Set

Poster: /100, illustrated by Ilana Hope @ilanahopeart @foxydads
Digitally Printed on 10pt matte cardstock - 11”x17”

Postcards: Set of 5, /25, illustrated Tyler Conrad @tylerteatime
Screen printed by Dustin Reinink at Studio Two Three
Product photos by Amber Kay @amberkayphoto

The Weak Days have also chosen 4 organizations in their respective cities to donate proceeds. 20% (5% to each of them) from merch and digital will be going out to orgs we think are making positive impact locally. The Salus Center in Lansing, Black Love Resists in the Rust in Buffalo, MADRVA in Richmond, and the Nashville Free Store. - Lansing LGBTQIA+ Community Center only intentional space for Black and Brown folks in Buffalo Richmond Mutual Aid Nashville Mutual Aid and Community Support