Thunder Gloss - Halos // End of Small Sanctuary

"End of Small Santuary" is a campaign for the tabletop roleplaying game Pathfinder, written by Katherine Graci (Thunder Gloss) and Samantha Gagnon (Deep Sea/Sammy Heck). The campaign takes place in an alternate timeline where the internet never gained traction in the 90's, and instead magic was "solved" scientifically and took its place in society. A global arcanic arms race ensued, ravaging the planet and tearing the fabric of reality. The campaign is rife with references and nods to the Halos LP, and explores many of the same themes the record explores.

The 76 page book includes a player's guide to the setting, new rules for Arcanics and Tulpas (including 3 new classes), and a five part adventure. Everything in this book uses the Pathfinder 1E rules in combination with the Psionics rules for Pathfinder published by Dreamscarred press, all of which can be found online for free at

The preorder for softcover books has ended, and they will ship out around early April.

Pdfs of this book are available for free download!