Thunder Gloss - True Crash Card Game + Thumb Drive

"True Crash" is Thunder Gloss's bizarre, violent collision of a new record. The first half of the record sees the band at their most controlled, with chanted melodies teeming with zealous repetitions, and chaos rippling right underneath the surface. The next half of the record represents a great schism, an unraveling of reality into entropy. Repetitions become jagged and confused, phrenic and obsessive rather than passionate. The two halves are parallels in many ways, acting as a twisted reflection of one another.

True Crash is being released physically as a thumb-drive with a deck of 36 cards, allowing one to play the True Crash Card Game. This card game is designed to be played with 2 players and a single deck, and is competitive as well as divining.

True Crash comes out on November 5th.