Psionics+ (Pathfinder 1e Tabletop RPG)

Originally introduced to the Pathfinder RPG by Dreamscarred Press, psionics are a unique set of rules that combine an innovative and balanced point system with unconventional fantasy themes. This book contains over 90 pages of new content for the psionics rule system found in Ultimate Psionics.

Psionics+ includes:
- 3 new races: the symbiotic Dualists, the psychotoxic Kambian, and the bizarre Sha'ah Breathers.
- 3 new base classes: the Genesis, who can create an avatar similar to a summoner's eidolon or a spiritualist's phantom, the Skipper, a teleportative warrior, and the Warpmind, who can teleport her enemies rather than herself.
- 7 new prestige classes, including the Astral Fist and the Soulbuster.
- A guide to building and running psionic campaigns, including 3 sample organizations with a sample member for each.
- 26 sample NPCs that could be dropped into any psionic campaign, plus a new psionic NPC class: the Gifted.
- A helpful cheatsheet for the psionic rules system.
- 5 new archetypes, a dozen new feats, new psionic monsters, items, and much more!

Written by Samantha Gagnon, art by Freya JN and Katherine Graci.

EDIT (2/16/22): There is now a free errata for download, amending some balance issues in the original version. The Psionics+ pdf download has been updated with the errata. All physical copies will include a physical copy of the errata sheet as well.